Day 1 Outdoor Ed Winter Project. Survival Kit.

Welcome to my outdoor education winter project blog!!

Outdoor education has provided me with a great opportunity to make a homemade survival kit and make it better then ever.

First I’ll set a few goals for myself so that I can finish my project before the due date (March 25, 2015).


1.Research (Monday January 19th)
2.Brainstorm idea (Tuesday February 17th)
3.Make a list of things needed for the survival kit (Friday February 20th)
4.Make sure it’s light weight and easy to carry (Monday February 23rd)
5.Create disaster situation cases to test contents  (Monday March 2nd)
6.Make changes (Tuesday March 10th)
7.Test number 2 (Monday March 16th)

For those of you who aren’t sure what a survival kit is or how its used, or just  don’t see the propose of it in our modern society, well let me tell you a survival kit is just what it sounds like. It is a small package of some sort that contains items or tools used to survive. Now, how could this so called survival kit be helpful? It is very helpful for example if your plane crashes, you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere and you only have what you packed in your carry-on. If you are stranded for three weeks a little rope and hook from your survival kit could go a long way to get you some food. Overall, having a survival kit in you bag, purse or pocket isn’t such a bad idea for when or if you find your self lost and alone.

Also a survival kit is always helpful for camping.
For examples
1. If you forget gear you can rely on you survival kit to give you a temporary replacement
2. Survival kits can also help if you get separated from the group or lost.

 I’m super excited to get started on my Winter Project.